Touring in the Alps

Driving your Morgan in the Alps is one of those things that just has to be done. The roads offer great driving fun and the scenery is spectacular.


On the cobbled hairpin near the start of the Klausen Pass. This was a famous hillclimbing course, many years ago. Situated on the road between Linthal and Altdorf it must have been quite a challenge for the competitors.

Click here for an on-board run up the Klausen Pass.
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Summer Holiday: July in the Austrian Alps

Right The best of the weather in the Alps, snow on the ground, a hot sunny day, perfect for Morgan motoring.
Below Contrasting weather conditions: Jayne and Simon experience two summer extremes in Austria, both in the same stretch of road, four years apart!
It is the same Morgan on all pictures, before (yellow) and after the rebuild.
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[ Morgan without snow ] Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).
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[ Fluelapass ]
ABOVE: At the top of the Fluelapass in the rain. LEFT: On the Jaunpass.

[ Tunnel ]
The tunnel under Klosters.

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[ Cows ]
Cows graze on the Klausen Pass.

[ Klausen ]
At the top of the Klausen.