Brake Upgrade

[ Equipment ]
Discs from EBC are a direct replacement for the Morgan standard units. Up-rated pads are available for the 4-pot calipers fitted to this car.
[ Disks ]
Grooved and dimpled brake discs are designed to keep the pad surface clean and to allow the hot gasses to escape from the face of the pad effectively.

[ Upgraded Calipers ]
EBC Yellow Pads are fitted to the Hi-Spec calipers.

Brake Caliper Upgrade

These Mulberry 4-pot calipers are a direct replacement for the Morgan standard unit.

[ Upgraded Calipers ]
[ Upgraded Calipers ]
Pictured here as fitted to a 1970's 4/4. Note the stainless hose but the disc remains standard, although you may need to clean up the edge as the new pads have a slightly deeper contact area. The calipers are supplied with EBC pads. This upgrade transformed the braking performance of this 4/4 when tested: normal road use, fully loaded on Alpine passes, classic road-rallying, competitive sprinting and hillclimbing and on track days.

[ Tyres ]

High Profile Tyre Upgrade

The choice of tyres for cars needing high profile is quite restrictive. Avon Motorsport manufacture a range of high quality tyres that may fit the bill for you. The CR6ZZ is a range of road legal radial competition tyres suitable for classic performance cars. They are an all-weather tyre designed to be used for classic road rallying, trackdays and circuit racing.

In the past, Morgan fitted these tyres as standard to some models. If you were thinking of competing in the MSCC Speed Championship then you may run these tyres on List 1A times.

Be aware that from 2013, the 175/70 and 185/70 R15 tyres are manufactured with new moulds and that the size and width will be different to any older ones that you may have.

Size Manufacture Years Diameter (mm) Section (mm) Tread (mm)
175/70R15 -2012 635 182 127
175/70R15 2013+ 636 182 136
185/70R15 -2012 635 187 135
185/70R15 2013+ 644 198 164

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For competitive prices, try BMTR (details on ShropMog links page).
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