Castle Combe Track Day

ShropMog's Simon joins the CSMA (Civil Service Motoring Associaion) for their Track Day on 11th August 2008.

The day started with sign on and a noise test with a limit of 98dB at 4500 rpm for cars. This was followed by a safety briefing and we were off. Cars were split into three groups and motorcycles into two. Each group had a 15 minute session and the rotation continued all day.

Instructors were available and as always very helpful, pointing out the correct lines, braking points and apex. At least you then know what you should be doing and you have plenty of track time to practise and improve.

[ Wait ]
Cars gather in the paddock for the first session. A good mix of makes is on show including Morgan, Porsche, Arial, MX5, BMW, EVO, ...

[ Track ]
On track approaching Camp corner.

[ Camp ]
Morgans take the apex at Camp.

[ Bikes ]
Bikes on track as well.

[ Paddock ]
Back to the paddock at the end of the session.

Being a Monday, this was excellent value for money with very small groups on track. A good warm-up for the MSCC Track Day here next year, can't wait!