Tour Encore 2008

Part 3 - Switzerland, Mulhouse and the Schlumpf Museum

[ Breakdown ]
Jayne and Simon suffered a broken clutch cable while descending an Alpine pass. Barry and Linda had suffered the same thing only a few days before.

[ Chexbres ]
Relaxing with a view across the lake to the Alps, in the optional hotel at Chexbres.

[ Milking Time ]
Is that a bull?

[ Schlumpf ]
At Mulhouse, we spent the day at the fantastic Schlumpf Collection.

[ Schlumpf ]
There is an astonishing array of exhibits.

[ Bugatti ]
Even Bugatti's attempt to build the ShropMog car!

[ Jayne ]
Some interactive displays are available. Jayne gets to drive an early Talbot racer.

[ Keith ]
Keith comes unstuck!

[ Roll ]
Lindsay and Simon have a go in the "roll over" car. Yes, standard seat belts do hold you in place upside down!

[ Ride ]
ShropMoggers enjoy a ride in the country - probably lost already!

[ Start it Keith ! ] You could have a go at starting an old Renault with the starter handle. Click the picture LEFT to see the video of Keith's attempt to start the car.

[ Awards ]
The tour ends with a farewell dinner and awards ceremony. Various awards are handed out with the main one "Spirit of the Event" going to Jeff.

[ Awards ]
Kevin reminds us how many clutch cables were broken on the Tour.

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