F1 Testing with BAR - September 2000

With the petrol protests, the first challenge was to save a full tank of fuel for the return journey to Silverstone. To be honest, the chance of not being able to get to work the next day was only a minor consideration when there was a chance to get to Silverstone for testing!

It turned out to be a superb experience. This page has a few pictures from the day but it is really something that needs to be experienced first hand.
[ hospitality ]
The BAR hospitality set-up.
[ JV returns ]
Jacques Villeneuve returns to the garage.

Pit Stop

Close to the action, we watched the BAR crew bring Jacques Villeneuve in for a pit stop. The sound of the engine screaming off down the pit lane, leaving two thick black lines of rubber from the tyres, was one of the loudest things I've ever heard.
[ pitstop ]
The front wing is adjusted...
[ pitstop ]
... the crew are clear ...
[ pitstop ]
... and it's GO! GO! GO! for some serious tyre abuse!

[ garage ]
"Is my car ready yet?"

Ricardo Zonta

A new engine was fitted into Ricardo Zonta's car. The turn-around time from driving into the garage with the old engine to driving out of the garage with the new one fitted was very impressive.
[ set-off ]
It is now...
[ and-away ]
... and away!