ShropMog Fahrt 2005

Billed as a nine-day experience of a lifetime, thirteen Morgans embarked on the ShropMog major event of 2005, in early September.
[ Logo ]

[ bonnet ]
Some of the Morgans were prepared with the full-monty advertising down the bonnet.

Probably the Best Value Goody Bag of All Time!

[ goody bag ]
[ ready ]

Included in the ShropMog personalised goody bag: Rally Plaque, Programme, Warning Triangle, Reflective Safety Vest, Water Pistol, Track guide to the Nurburgring Nordschleife, ShropMog yellow duster, Flourescent marker, Euro coin, ShropMog sick bag (Staffordshire centre logo on the inside!), Fahrt sticker

Non-ShropMoggers got temporary membership cards with the rules:
Stay one step ahead of the MSCC Staffordshire Centre
Holiday spirit to be maintained throughout the event
Refusal of alcoholic drinks will not be tolerated
Only mention the War if you think you can get away with it
Purchase a drink for Full ShropMog members each evening
Must exploit every photographic opportunity
Opportunity for ridicule of fellow fahrters must not be overlooked
Grumpyness will not be tolerated - smile at all times

All prepared and ready to go, rally plaque fitted and ready for an early start on the Saturday morning.
[ all aboard! ]
ABOVE: Boarding the Hydrofoil at Dover. RIGHT: The rest of the first day took us to Ypres. The Staffordshire Chairman seems to have found a new friend en-route.

[ hello! ]

[ bonnet ]
The first night was in Ypres, Belgium. At the welcome dinner, Fahrters were given quiz sheets and pipe cleaners for the "home made glasses" competition.
[ pudding ]

[ wine ]

Observe the different priorities, ABOVE: A Staffordshire centre member enjoys the pudding and LEFT: ShropMoggers doing what comes naturally!
Can you spot the ShropMog tie?

[ Ferrari ]
On Sunday, we made our way to Trier.
ABOVE:On the way some Ferrari owners wanted to join the tour but we didn't want them slowing us down.
RIGHT: Sunday night in a Trier restaurant. How do you turn a table cloth into a turkey?

[ turkey ]

[ Porta Nigra ]
Out Trier hotel overlooked the famous Porta Nigra gate, built by Romans. The hotel was more modern, built by Eastern Europeans!

[ Nurburgring ]
Monday afternoon a few of us went to the Nurburgring, despite the poor weather. A lap in the wet can be seen by clicking HERE. The conditions were very tricky and two of the Morgan drivers can claim to have spun their cars on the ring!

[ all aboard! ]
Tuesday and we boarded a pleasure boat for a Rundfahrt on the Mosel.

[ zzzzzzz ]
The excitement was a bit much for someone

[ zzzzzzz ]
... and someone else!

[ quiz ]
Other ShropMoggers were caught doing the quiz and failing to solve the Su Doku.

[ Titanic! ]
... and others decided to play "Titanic".

[ zzzzzzz ]
while someone else was relaxing.

[ cake ]
Something of a theme from the Staffordshire contingency!

[ barge ]
We even saw a barge loaded with Morgan 3-wheeler spares!

[ vines ]
Wednesday and time to move to the next hotel at Koblenz. We had a lovely run up the Mosel valley. Pretty towns and vineyards on the valley sides.

[ Bernkastel ]
Stopping in Bernkastel for lunch.

[ Bernkastel ]
... or just a coffee (or small beer).

[ Bernkastel ]
Lovely buildings in the square.

[ Cobbles and Vines ]

[ castle ]
ABOVE: Lovely castles on the hills at the side of the river Mosel. LEFT: Stopping to take in the views, cobbled lanes and terraced vines.

[ corner ]
Koblenz is on the confluence of the Rhein and the Mosel. A monument marks "Germany's Corner".

[ vines ]
Thursday was the trip to Vinotek im Winninger Spital, organised by Michael. We took the train from Koblenz down to Winningen with a negotiated a group rate on the ticket price - well done Michael!

[ tour ]
After the train ride, a glass of sparkilng wine hit the spot and we were treated to a walking tour of the village by our host Lothar.

[ witch ]
We heard about the Wine Witch, caught stealing the best wine by the (musician) owner, he jumped on the witch and beat her with his flute (ooh-err!) only to discover that it was his wife drinking the wine, in secret.

[ cellar ]
We were shown a local cellar and the fermentation vats before heading back to the Vinotech.

[ Michael ]
The sign says "Welcome Mr. Michael McKnight and his Morgan Sports Car Clubfriends".

[ tasting ]
We then had the tasting session. We were taken through eight white wines that afternoon.

[ cheers! ]

[ cellar ]
ShropMoggers are strangely drawn to the bottles in the cellar racks.

"That wine has gone straight to my head!"

[ Tipsy ]

[ Cheers! ]
A team picture after we demolished the super buffet. Very smart in the blue "ShropMog Fahrt 2005" polo shirts.

[ Do Not Disturb ]
Anyone early to bed was treated to a ShropMog "Do Not Disturb" sign on their door. But who was planting them? ...

[ Pat ]
... Pat!

[ zzzzzzz ] LEFT: On Friday some people preferred a boat trip on the Rhein. Jeff had the closest look at the river when he fell off the gang-plank! Others took the opportunity to recover from their hangovers.
BELOW-LEFT: Instead of the boat trip, some chose to visit to a nearby castle. With views over the Rhein...
BELOW: ..."Do you think that boat has come into range yet?"

[ View ]

[ Fire! ]

[ fart school ]

[ Nurburgring ]
A number of us visited the Nurburgring as the weather improved during the afternoon. LEFT: There was training available for those novice Fahrters!

See more pictures by clicking HERE. Another eventful day with one Morgan suffering a broken throttle cable only a quarter of the way round. Luckily they could get off the track, make repairs and continue. Not so lucky was another of our Morgans, breaking down at 17.5Km, just a few corners from the end, and needing the track to be closed to deploy the recovery truck!

[ puncture ]

LEFT: Saturday and we headed back to Ypres. Jayne and Simon picked up a puncture on the Autobahn. The warning triangle from the goody bag came in for some use!

[ dinner ]
We went into the town at 8pm to see members of the Ieper volunteer fire brigade sound the Last Post and Reveille under the arch of the memorial gate. Then back to the hotel for dinner and prize giving.

[ Jeff ]
The pipe-cleaner glasses competition was judged.

[ Liz ]
There were some very creative entries.

[ Graham ]
The winner was Graham with his Aero8 glasses. After all, it is a car copied from the ShropMog badge. He keept them on all evening.

[ Bill ]
Bill hadn't made glasses so he wore the forfeit pair!

[ Glasses! ]
A team picture in glasses. The quiz winner was Graham O. and the Su Doku was won by Linda, with the skill to finish all four when no-one else managed a single one! Graham O. also picked up the driving award for spinning on the ring, leading a convoy in an illegal U-turn in Trier, turning left when the sat nav said "right at the rounderbout" that didn't exist, and for breaking down on his way back to Trier and having to get the car relayed back to England!

[ kipper race ]
After dinner we held a series of Aero8 kipper races. You have to waft your paper Aero8 (ShropMog car) to the finish line first: "Gentlemen, place your kippers!"

[ Homeward bound ]
Sunday was the return crossing. They think it's all over ... it is now!

Now what can we do for the next trip...

Thanks to Kevin, Graham and Alan for some of the pictures seen on this page.