Track Guide

Pictures are from the track walk. Notes relate to a lap in a 4/4 Zetec.

[ Start Line ]
Off the start line, keep to the right. Accelerate and change in to 3rd on the short straight (250 metres).

[ Country ]
Brake and turn in to Country Corner - a 90° left. Take a late apex and accelerate drifting to the right of the track.

[  ]
Accelerate on the short straight (230 metres) and cross to the left.

[ Village ]
Brake and turn in to Village Corner, a banked right-hander.

[ Village ]
Take a middle line and balance the car in the first section.

[ Village ]
Then apex about two thirds of the way round. Accelerate hard out and drift to the left.

[ Valentines Way ]
Accelerate along Valentines Way, taking 4th gear. Stay on the left.

[ Bechers ]
Brake before the last fence, change down to 3rd and turn in to Bechers.

[ Bechers ]
As soon as the car turns in, accelerate and take an early apex on this long sweeping uphill right-hander.

[ Bechers ]
Full throttle round the bend, holding a tight line without compromising acceleration.

[ Bechers ]
This 450 metre bend seems to go on and on.

[ Railway ]
Carry as much speed on to Railway Straight as possible.

[ Railway ]
Accelerate hard over the 300 metres to the finish line.

Aintree Motor Racing Circuit is situated inside the Grand National Race Course. It held the British Grand Prix in the 1950's and 60's and many of the all-time greats have raced here. It is easily accessed from the Motorway Network being located just a few minutes from the M58/M57/A59 junction.