Originally a perimiter track arond the airbase, it was first used as a motor circuit in 1948. Uniquely, its original layout has been retained since then. It was used as a competition venue until 1966, hosting the British Grand Prix in the 50s and 60s. In 1998 it was re-opened as a venue for historic racing. Nowadays the Goodwood Revival weekend event is extremely popular.

Track Guide

Notes relate to a lap in a 4/4 Zetec.

[ Map ]

[ Madgwick ]
Madgwick is a double apex right hander.
Keep left. Brake and follow the outside of the track. Turn in late and pass the first apex marker about a third of the way across the track. Over the hump and take a tight line through the second apex.

Unable to walk the track so no pictures
Fordwater is a right hander. It's flat out, take a tight apex.

Brake for St.Marys. At the right hander, take a late apex and stay right. Turn in for the downhill left just as the track starts to drop. Run out to the right through the hollow. Cross to the left on the climb out.

Lavant is a double apex right hander. Approach on the left, brake hard for 3rd gear. Turn in for the apex on the downhill, off-camber right. Accelerate and run out along the outside rumble strip. Keep the same steering angle throughout. The car will pick up the next apex and run out on the exit, taking 4th gear.

On Lavant Straight, take a tight apex for the flat out left.

Woodcote is a double-apex right hander. Brake hard and late, stay left. Turn in and aim at the second turn in point, on the left further round the corner, ignoring the first apex. Keep the same steering angle and the car will pick up the second apex and run out to the rumble strip.

[ Chicane ]
Brake and change down to 3rd for the early turn-in to the Chicane. The turn in is marked in the picture.

[ Chicane ]
Through the tyres, run wide to the rumble strip.