Mallory Park

Track Guide

A rough and ready guide to a lap of Mallory Park (1.35 miles). Based on a 4/4 Zetec
Over the start/finish line in 4th gear and down Kirkby Straight, keep left and brake for Gerrards. Balance the car for the first quarter and start accelerating early as its flat out from about half way round. Keep to the inside until you're past the end of the kerb and allow the car to drift left on to Stebbe Straight. Keep left and brake for the Lake Esses at the start of the island created by the chicane on the left. Turn in at the end of the island and accelerate hard, taking the first apex on the change of kerbs and flowing through the left apex, keeping left up to Shaws. Brake hard for the 2nd gear hairpin, stay left and turn in very late, across the apex wall. Accelerate out towards the last quarter of the rumble strip and cross to the right side of the track taking 3rd gear. Turn in early to the blind Devils Elbow down-hill off-camber left hander. Take 4th mid-way round and you're back on Kirkby Straight.

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Mallory Park