Headlight Upgrade

The standard sealed-beam unit fitted to the non Plus 8 Morgans does not provide superb night time illumination. In addition to this, if touring in Europe, then your spare bulb kit should contain a replacement unit and with its awkward shape, this will take up valuable luggage (or more importantly wine carrying) space.

There is an easy upgrade option available and fitting should take under an hour, requiring only a screwdriver. The standard headlight unit can be switched for an H4 halogen unit. The plug on the cable is compatible with both so no rewiring is required. Just remove the headlight chrome trim, unscrew the retaining fixing from the old unit, extract and unplug, replace with the new and pop it back together.

The best unit to use is the Lucas one. This was standard on the earlier Plus 8s and Range Rovers but is expensive from Rover Dealers. I sourced mine from one of those specialist classic car auto-electric supply stands you see at the various shows, at a very reasonable price.

If your Morgan is pre-1983 (I think), then you can fit uprated bulbs legally. I use 100/80 Watts. Don't forget to check the beam alignment when you're finished.