ShropMog at Madresfield 2004 - MSCC Autotest

The annual MSCC autotest was held at Madresfield Court, near Malvern on 4th July. ShropMog and the Staffordshire Centre were present as both competitors and spectators. ShropMog camped overnight before the event, ready for an early start the next morning.

Many thanks to MSCC Midland Centre for organising this very enjoyable event.
[ Simon ]
Simon attempts test 1: forwards and backwards.

[ Maurice ]
Maurice attacks the slalom.

[ Maurice ]
Burn some rubber! Maurice guns it and the chippings fly!

[ Peter ]
Peter reverses into the garage.

[ Simon ]
Simon burns rubber as the 4/4 speeds up the course.

[ Maurice ]
Blue tyre smoke as the +8 comes to a stop.

[ What's this ]
Maurice and Kevin "assume the position", but what are they doing?

[ Bob ]
Aha! All is explained as Bob arrives. What's that I hear: "one wheel short of a car and one gear short of a gearbox" !!! And Bob retorts "this is a proper Morgan". Come on lads, put your back into it.

[ Malcolm ]
Malcolm asks: "Am I astride the line?"

[ Simon ]
Simon in the 4/4, returning to the car park after the final test. Note the subtle advert on the sump guard "" !

[ Bob ]
Bob in his trike.

[ Maurice ]
Maurice in the Plus 8

[ The Gang ]
Some of the ShropMog and Staffordshire Centre gather for a picture.

A good event for ShropMog and Staffordshire competitors.
Peter finished 3rd in the Plus 8 class.
Bob won the 3-wheeler class.
Simon won the 4/4 class and finished first overall.

I hope that this has encouraged you to have a go in next year's autotest. It is a fun event for all levels of ability and all types of Morgan so why not try something a bit different?

Thanks to Graham for some of the pictures shown on this page.