ShropMog at Madresfield - 22nd June 2003

ShropMog camping weekend at the MSCC Madresfield Auto Test event took place on the 21/22 June. Attendees were Julie and Colin, Kevin and Lindsay and Jayne and Simon for the camping and more ShropMoggers joined us at the autotest. Thanks to Kevin for providing some of the photos seen on this page. [ ShropMog Camp Site ]
Tents pitched, wine and beer flowing and the BBQs alight.
[ Ladies ]
A few spots of rain don't hamper proceedings.

[ wash ]
Gentlemen washing up. As you can tell ShropMoggers have been working on tomorrow's hangover some time now!
[ test 1 ]
And he's away! The auto test was great fun.

[ test 2 ]
What an athlete!

[ test 3 ]
Right foot down a bit - to miss that cone by a fraction!
What a great day! The weather was superb until the thunder storms right at the end. Thanks to all involved in putting this event on. If you missed it then why not have a go next year. Simon upheld ShropMog honours by winning the 4/4 class.

[ spot the faces ]
Can you spot some well known faces from the MSCC joining the ShropMog crowd for lunch? Well it just goes to show which is the premier centre!