Mallory Park Track Day - April 2005

Saturday 2nd April was the date, Mallory Park the venue, MSCC Track Day the occasion and what a superb event it turned out to be!
Being extremely lucky with the weather, we dropped on a dry, sunny day in what was quite a wet week. Ideal conditions for the event and a good turnout of Morgans. After the safety briefing, cars were split into three groups of similar pace, and track time was rotated between them at 15 minute intervals.
If you've not had a go at a track day, this sort of event is ideal because the emphasis is on safety, safety, safety and enjoyment.

Photographers from Reilly Studios were taking lots of pictures, two of which can be seen here (larger format marked **). They have lots to choose from - every car on the day - and you can order prints from Reilly Studios on-line by clicking HERE.

[ Kirkby Straight ]
LEFT: Down Kirkby Straight on the approach to Gerrards. BELOW:** Gerrards - one of the legendary corners in UK motor racing - seems to go on for ever.

[ Gerrards ]
[ Gerrards Exit ] LEFT: Exit Gerrards and on to Stebbe Straight. BELOW:** Through the Lake Esses on the uphill approach to Shaws.

[ Lake Esses ]
[ Shaws ] [ Shaws ]

Shaws Hairpin

A super viewing point for spectators, providing ample photographic opportunities as the cars slow for this very tight 180° right hand hairpin. ABOVE RIGHT: Simon in the Green 4/4.
[ Shaws ]

[ Shaws ] [ Devils Elbow ]
ABOVE: Maurice gets the power down, out of the hairpin. ABOVE-RIGHT: Accelerate out of the hairpin... RIGHT: towards the Devils Elbow... BELOW: and exit the Devils Elbow carrying speed for an overtaking opportunity... BELOW-RIGHT: ...down Kirkby Staright. [ Devils Elbow ]
[ Devils Elbow ] [ Kirkby Straight ]
[ Kirkby Straight ] LEFT: Peter opens the Plus 8 up down the straight.

A fantastic event. Well done to all of those helping organise it. Let's hope that a track day becomes a permanent fixture on the MSCC event calendar.

For a track guide to the Mallory Park circuit click here.