Mog 007 at Goodwood

The 2007 Mog event was held at Goodwood, 10th to 12th August. The obvious opportunity to call it MOG 007 and introduce a James Bond theme was not ignored on this occasion.

As well as the usual events, there was a double track day (Friday and Saturday) on the historic Goodwood circuit. Click HERE for pictures from the track day.
[ Concours ]
The concours cars were parked on the circuit for a display on the Sunday.

ShropMog put on a show for their gymkhana entry, Maurice and Simon dressed in Bond style for their run.
[ Quiz ]
The first Gymkhana test was a detailed Bond movie quiz. The rain had started when Maurice and Simon were filling in the answers - note the umbrella in place - but a couple of anoraks would have more chance with these quiz questions!

[ Drinks ]
This Gymkhana test involved preparing a tray of cocktails...

[ Drinks ]
...and transporting them over the ramps. ShropMog natural ability came in handy as not a single drop was spilt!

[ Fishing ]
This test involved fishing for pieces of a map while negotiating the course.

[ Prizegiving ]
To the winners, the spoils of victory. Well not quite, they finished second in the Plus 8 class and there was no prize!

[ Skid ]
Another of the events was tuition on the Goodwood Skid Pan. Maurice and Keith decided to have a go, providing entertainment to the crowd by spinning out on the top corner.