ShropMog at Mog 2003 - Newcastle

The annual MSCC event "Mog 2003" was held at Newcastle Race Course, in early August 2003. We were lucky with the weather as what had been a wet week cleared up in time for those of us travelling up on the Friday.

[ ShropMog Camp ]
[ ShropMog Camp ]
Some of ShropMog were camping on the site while others were in a local hotel. Lindsay, Jayne and Kevin start on the booze while the BBQ gets up to temperature!
Saturday's BBQ was shared with various centres and we rounded off with a night-cap with Lesley and Stuart and a discussion about the Royle Family "Yorkshire Centre ... my arse!"
[ Nick and Dick on the Circuit ]
Above: Croft Track Day Saturday events included a track session at the Croft Circuit. Nick and Dick are pictured here taking full advantage of this super value track day. Fantastic! For full details click HERE.
Right: Boat Trip
A nice relaxing cruise for one Staffordshire member...
[ Di ]
[ MSCC Stand ]
ShropMog - the premier centre - featured significantly in the pictures on the MSCC Club stand.

Sunday on the Race Course

[ ShropMog ]
Some of ShropMog could not come to Newcastle. Although not there in body, Julie and Colin were there in spirit and in photograph as they sneek on to the club stand picture board.

Sunday - Auto Test

ShropMog and Staffordshire were well represented in the club Autotest. The event consisted of a series of five tests. Each competitor had to complete two runs, the score from the best run counting to determine the result. Well done to Maurice (1st Plus 8) and Keith (3rd Plus 4).
[ Autotest ]
Keith looking confused by all those cones!
[ Autotest ]
Maurice, with Kevin navigating give it some stick!

[ Autotest ]