ShropMog at Mog 2004 - Oswestry

The annual MSCC event "Mog 2004" was held at the County Show Ground, Oswestry in June. Being in the heart of ShropMog Land, we were in attendance on the camp site.

[ ShropMog Camp ]
With the Euro 2004 Football competition in progress, ShropMog fly the flag for England as the BBQs are lit.
[ ShropMog Trooper ]
There was a 4x4 to compliment the usual ShropMog 4/4s and other Morgans in attendance. Top quality wheel trims in evidence!
[ ShropMoggers ]
ShropMoggers pictured outside the tents, the gnomes were named after Pauline and David as they were unable to attend in person this year!
[ 3-wheeler ]
Bob's three wheeler won best 3-wheeler in the concourse competition. In the Staffordshire "Burble and Blatt" bulletin he asked for "help with the duster", so ShropMog supplied one, customised with the ShropMog logo for him to use!

[ Car Park ]
A good turn-out of Morgans on the Sunday.
[ Lindsay and Kevin ]
ShropMog in action during the Gymkhana competition. Drive round a post keeping the suspended bucket in the air.

Thanks to Graham for the gnome picture.