Mog 2010

Mog 2010 was held at Buxton in Derbyshire 18th to 20th June 2010.

[ Palace ]
The event was centred around the Palace Hotel. Morgans park on the car park, shared with the trade stands.

[ Morgans ]
Morgans were lined up outside the hotel, with the MSCC flag flying.

[ Camping ]
ShropMoggers on the camp site, being sensible as usual!

[ Hello Girls! ]
The ladies sit in Pat and Bob's camper van.

[ The evil drink! ]
A couple of hours and a few bottles later!

[ DonMog Ladies ]
Fun and Games on Sunday - trace the outline without ringing the bell.

[ Jigsaw ]
Fun and Games - blindfold jigsaw against the clock!

[ Pat ]
Who dressed you this morning? Pat, obviously suffering from the night before, with her jacked inside out.

[ Shuffleboard ]
A team from Yorkshire play Shuffleboard.

[ Dad helps ]
Super team effort.

[ Wet Sponges ]
Two sit in the car blindfold while their team mates throw wet sponges through the holes to score points.

[ Shuffleboard ]
The Speed Monkeys team play shuffleboard.