Motorail - The relaxed way to cover long distances

Exploring Europe in a Morgan is great fun. If your trip has a limited duration you can still spend time in more remote destinations if you let the train take the strain and Motorail to and/or from a distant start point.

[ Wagon ]
The motorail vehicle wagon lower deck. Drive your own car on. The instructions state that you should have at least 110mm ground clearance but the (non-standard) ShropMog 4/4 had no problems with just 95mm.

[ Low cars ]
Cars with low clearance are allocated onto the lower deck.

[ Securely parked ]
You drive up to a removable bar and the rear wheels are secured with a second bar or sand bags.

[ Shunting ]
The vehicle wagons are shunted round and coupled up to the passenger carriages.

[ Carriage ]
People are allocated a compartment on a corridor train. Each carriage has a steward who serves drinks and aeroplane-style meals (you can upgrade to buffet car dining). The seats convert into beds.

[ View ]
Sit back and enjoy the view.

[ Train ]
Transporter wagons are at the front of the train. The locomotive is changed at country border and sometimes the direction of travel as well.

[ View ]
More scenery from the corridor window.

These pictures are from a trip on the Motorail from 's-Hertogenbosch in Holland, to Alessandria in Italy. This is an ideal start point for touring the Alps or for going further into Italy. It was booked through Railsavers click to visit their web site.

When considering the price, don't forget that it includes dinner, breakfast and overnight accommodation. It also saves you petrol and motorway tolls and gives you extra days in your destination rather than spending days driving there and back.

Why not use the Hull-Rotterdam overnight ferry to complete the relaxed journey. Rotterdam ferry terminal is less than 70 miles from the motorail station.