North Pole Event 2007

Pat and Bob, AKA PolarMog organised a super event on 1st April 2007. It involved navigation around the Peak District, together with driving tests and finished at an historic Mill.

[ breakfast ]
All participants navigated to the start point at a an isolated cafe in the peak district.

[ Morgans assemble ]

[ Planning ]
The crews plot their routes between the various locations revealed in the instructions. The aim is to minimise the number of miles covered and solve the clues related to things at each location.

[ Test ]
The event started with a tricky manouvering test. Penalties were added to the car's mileage.

[ Arkwrights Mill ]
We finished at Arkwright's Mill where the Morgans lined up on display. We were treated to a fascinating tour of the Mill and an insight into its evolution and importance in the cotton industry.

[ Winners! ]
Lindsay and Kevin were victorious. These ShropMoggers displayed the ultimate in no-holds-barred cunning to solve the clues. They finished head-and-shoulders above the rest of us!

Thanks to Tim for some of the pictures seen on this page.