ShropMog Nurburgring Experience - 23 August 2000

After Mog2000, we crossed to the continent for a touring holiday. As part of this, I had chance to drive on the Nordschleiffe (northern loop), a Morganeering ambition I had held for a number of years.

The circuit is used for testing and training so it is not always open to the public. On the day we visited, it was open from 17:45 until 19:30.

Thanks to Roderich for helping us with information relating to the ring.

The Nurburgring web site is listed on our "links" page. It includes details of the charges and opening times.
[ to the ring ]
The Nordschleiffe is signposted from the public road.
There is a car park and cafe, at the entrance.
[ rules ]
Basic regulations are displayed at the entrance.
If something catches you, keep to the right.
[ entrance ]
Buy your ticket at the automatic machine, or pay in the office.
Drive up to the barrier, insert the ticket and you're off...
[ onboard 1 ]
... on to the track and up hill towards the first corner.
[ onboard 2 ]
Other motorists on the circuit. Expect to see any type of
vehicle from a race-prepared Ferrari to a 42-seater coach!
[ onboard 3 ]
Others were generally well behaved, when we were there (but it was mid-week).
[ onboard 4 ]
As you see, some corners can be a little blind!
[ onboard 5 ]
See how many powerful motorcycles you can pass!!
[ onboard 6 ]
The final straight, throttle wide open. Don't forget to slow down and come back in!
[ view 1 ]
Spectating point. At weekends, locals gather to see the action.
[ view 2 ]
No gradients like this at Silverstone!