Fitting a Panhard Rod to a 4/4

The rear suspension of this 4/4 was transformed by adding a Panhard Rod. The Rod is designed to stop lateral movement of the read axle. This 4/4 already had the Koni telescopic shock absorber conversion but the Panhard Rod removed that clatter you get when crossing pot holes and if the back end does skip on a bump while cornering, it now settles straight back down on the road.

Right The completed installation. The two chassis rails are connected by the black box section, between the fuel tank and the rear axle (underneath the handbrake rods).
Below left The silver rod is rose jointed to this at one end
Below right The other end is rose jointed to a plate that is clamped to the rear, leaf spring.
[ panhard rod ]
[ panhard rod ] [ panhard rod]