Prescott Hillclimb - Mog2001

The Mog2001 event offered the opportunity for a run up the Prescott hillclimb. Thanks to Colin for braving my driving and taking the in-car pictures shown on this page.

[ Start ]
The start line.

[ Bridge ]
Under the bridge.

[ Orachrd ]
Round Orchard with spectators on the left.

[ Ettores ]
Approaching Ettores right hand hairpin.

[ Cross-Over ]
Exit Ettores and past the unused cross-over.

[ Pardon ]
Flat out up to Pardon.

[ Pardon ]
Pardon is steep and sharp. A good spectating point.

[ Esses ]
Approaching The Esses. First right...

[ Esses ]
...then left

[ Esses ]
...then right

[ Esses ]
...and left

[ Semi-Circle ]
Into Semi-Circle.

[ Finish ]
And up to the finish line.

A most enjoyable experience, even with the track a little wet and slippery. If you fancy a go then the Prescott Hillclimb Drivers School have their own web site, listed on our LINKS page.