Improved Cooling on a 4/4

This 4/4 shows a Mulberry aluminium radiator installed. After changing the Crossflow to a Zetec, the original 1979 radiator was unable to cope on hot days and at times when the engine was working hard. The solution was to fit a much larger radiator.
[ Grille ]
The aluminium radiator is visible behind the oil cooler.

[ Fan ]
The radiator is installed slanted back. This leaves room for an electric fan in the optimal "pull" configuration. The radiator was constructed to use all of the available space.

[ Below ]
The matrix cooling area is maximised.
[ Expansion ]
A neat expansion/header tank is located on the bulkhead.

Towing Eye

BELOW LEFT The picture shows a fitted towing eye on an earlier Morgans that didn't have one as part of the original equipment. This has been fabricated to the curent MSA Blue Book specification. In the event that it is needed, the task of fixing a rope is now a lot simpler.
[ Towing Eye ]

BELOW RIGHT is the location for a rear towing eye.

[ Towing Eye ]