ShropMog Compete in the Sedan Classic Rally Tour 2006

Pat and Bob, Lindsay and Kevin, Jayne and Simon decided enter the Classic Rally Tours' Sedan Classic Rally, 23rd - 25th September.

This road event would take us from the start point near Arras, into the Ardennes forest, with the route going into Belgiom and Luxembourg. There were 53 cars taking part this time.

[ Chateaux de Saulty ]
The ShropMog teams met up on Friday evening in our splendid accommodation at Chateaux de Saulty, just South West of Arras. Jayne and Simon were travelling back from Switzerland and the others had come from the UK that day.

[ Breakfast ]
Saturday started with breakfast in the Chateaux. The large coffee bowls provided some entertainment, especially for those drinking tea and Jayne who started using hers as a plate, much to the horror and amazement of the lady running the Chateaux!

[ Preparation ]
The crews prepare their road book instructions and have some lunch.

[ Cars ]
A variety of classic cars are assembled at the start.

[ Bob and Pat ]
Bob and Pat are the first off from Team ShropMog.

[ Cars ]
Cars assemble before the time control start of the next stage.

[ Passage Control ]
Marshals are placed on route to record your arrival time, penalty points for early or late.

[ Sedan ]
Saturday and Sunday nights accommodation is in the Chateau Hotel in the middle of Sedan. This is a fantastic building with the car park in the central courtyard.

[ Time Control ]
Navigators wait for their slot at the time control.

[ Lunch ]
Lunch stop on Sunday.

[ Kevin and Lindsay ]
Kevin and Lindsay set off after lunch.

[ Cars ]
Cars queue for their departure time slot.

[ Chimay Circuit ]
The route took us on a lap of the Chimay motor racing circuit in Belgium.
Click here to see an on-board lap.

[ Self-start ]
This is a regularity self-start point at the beginning of the stage. Each car sets off when the crew decide it is their designated time.

[ Cheers! ]
A well-earned beer at the end of the final stage.

[ Car Park ]
Car park at the hotel on the last night.