ShropMog Compete in the Deauville Classic Rally Tour 2007

Pat and Bob, Lindsay and Kevin, Jayne and Simon decided enter the Classic Rally Tours' Deauville Classic Rally, 15th - 16th September.

This historic rally event was held over open, public roads. The route would take us from the start point at Bai de la Somme services on the A16, into the Normandy countryside. There were 39 cars taking part this time.

There is a huge variety of classic cars on these events.

[ Chateaux ]
The now traditional start of the event sees the ShropMog teams met up on Friday evening in splendid Chateaux accommodation. Pat and Bob had been in France all week and the others had come from the UK that day.

[ Chateaux ]
Pat and Bob, Jayne and Simon were sharing the challet. Looks like they were preparing for fun and games later!

[ Bob ]
Bob makes some last minute checks.

[ Start ]
Cars are started at one minute intervals. The crews have to follow tulip or jogularity instructions, keeping to the regularity schedule. Each stage is just over an hour in length.

[ Checkpoint ]
Marshals are situated at surprise checkpoints along the route. Penalty points are given for each second the car arrives either early or behind schedule. Any deviation from target time must then be carried forward for the rest of the stage.

[ Car Park ]
At the end of each stage, there will be about an hour for tea, coffee or lunch. Crews cause chaos on the car parks. There is much head scratching as tactics are discussed.

[ Time Control ]
At this time control, the navigator is signed out and each crew leaves at their allocated time.

[ Self Start ]
There is a navigation to the start of the stage and a time allowance, but the crew must start themselves into the stage at the correct time. Drivers pull up to collect the navigator.

[ Pont de Normandie ]
At the end of the first day, we crossed the Pont de Normandie on the way to our hotel.

[ Bridge ]
This is an impressive bridge.

[ Joey ]
The ShropMog windscreen mascot "Joey" was enjoying the view.

[ Dinner ]
Saturday night was about some fast food and a few beers. Simon and Bob enjoy the fayre.

[ Dinner ]
Lindsay and Kevin with Alan in the background and a chip in the foreground!

[ Get Ready ]
Two ShropMog teams prepare for the next stage.

[ Self Start ]
Competitors wait for their start times.

[ Cows ]
Just what you don't need in the middle of a regularity section!

[ Car Park ]
The Falaise car park is full with competitors.

[ Tactics ]
Bob and Kevin discuss tactics.

[ Repairs ]
The twist in the tale was Jayne and Simon breaking an engine mounting on the last stage. In a team effort, the ShropMog crews removed it from the car before the dinner, on the hotel car park. On Monday morning, we found a nice man to weld it for us in the local VW garage. Kevin and Simon then got soaked putting it back together in the rain. All was done by midday - thanks to Kevin, and the repair gave no more trouble for the rest of the holiday.

[ Dinner ]
Dinner and prize giving was held in our hotel dining room on the Sunday evening. This was a huge glass pyramid, not unlike the one outside The Louvre in Paris - you know: the best Indian restaurant in France The Poppadum Centre!

[ Dinner ]
In the picture we have (left to right) Jayne, Simon, Pat, Kevin, Bob, Margaret and Alan on the ShropMog table.

As for results, Pat and Bob, Lindsay and Kevin, and Jayne and Simon finished 22nd, 21st and 17th respectively.

[ Tiramisu ]
Jayne makes an attempt to defect to the MSCC Staffordshire centre with three portions of Tiramisu pudding!

Thanks to Kevin and Lindsay for some of the pictures on this page.