The Rebuild of a ShropMog 4/4 Two-Seater

After a number of years of putting off the inevitable, it was time to bite the bullet and address the now quite rusty, yellow 4/4. The final indication came on holiday in France. Very heavy rain meant that the hood came out for one of its very rare airings. After managing to fix it in position, it was found that the passenger door would no longer close!

That autumn, the rebuild was started. The intention was to replace the four rusty steel wings and repair the sections of decayed woodwork. I suspected that a little more than this may be necessary.
[ build log ]
The Morgan factory build records show the car details.
[ log entry ]
This car is listed with alloy body, and factory underseal. Its original colour being Oxford Blue, some of which is still visible, inside the headlight pod, in the next photo.
[ dismantling ]
I started dismantling the car, working mostly at weekends due to the lack of mains electricity. A good tip is to get a load of freezer bags and place each part, with its fittings (and maybe a sketch), in a different bag, labeled up. It will be months before reassembley and the memory of how it goes together may have faded, by then!
[ transport ]
After removing as much as would come free, the next big event was relocation of the project to Tudor's.
[ dismantle 2 ]
The rate of progress increases as the professionals take over.
[ dismantle 3 ]
The body needed to come off in order to make the ash frame repairs. It was at this point that the original plan was changed. As we were going this far, it made sense to do the extra work and have a full rebuild.
[ chassis ]
The factory underseal had largely saved the chassis from corrosion. A few repairs were necessary to the rear cross-member but the rest was just cleaned and primed, ready for painting.
[ chassis paint ]
All new brake lines were fitted, and the master cylinder overhauled.
[ engine ]
The engine was painted and dropped back in. A new starter bendix and ring gear were fitted. Another tip is to fit a new clutch while the engine is out, because replacing it on a fully assembled Morgan requires removal of the engine and the labour charges will be far more than the cost of the new clutch!
[ body ]
Bodywork panels were assembled prior to painting - a bit of a mix!
[ engine bay ]
With the repaired ash frame refitted, together with a new bulkhead, the car starts to take shape.
[ body ]
The body and doors were skinned in new aluminium. You can see the new ash repairs in the picture.
[ final stages ]
Just the bonnets, trim and a few fittings to go.
[ finished ]
Rebuild completed, we took the Morgan on an extended trip around Europe. This was 3500 miles and included Prague and Vienna. The Morgan completed the trip without incident. A credit to the quality work of Kevin and the team at Tudors.