ShropMog Event 2001

The 2001 ShropMog event took place on Sunday 6th August. Billed as a "Barbeque and Funday", the event started in a pub (where else?) in Market Drayton. Teams were given instructions which directed them between a number of locations at which tasks were to be performed, including a challenging quiz. Treasure hunt style questions were to be answered along the way and navigation challenges with mileage checks kept the passengers busy. [ ShropMog Logo ]

Sprint Challenge

The SMSA (ShropMog Motor Sports Association) specially prepared sprint car turned out to be a 3-wheeler pedal car. It certainly gave the competitors some exercise! It also gave them a surprise as the steering is configured to work in reverse.
[ trike ]
Ready on the start line.
[ Anne ]
Watch out for that steering - it works in reverse!

[ Maurice ]
Maurice going like the clappers!

Cone and Water Challenge

Fill the bucket with water, drive around the cones with it running out of the holes and measure the amount left when you reach the end of the course. A simple formula but with some competitors not in Morgans it became more of a challenge.
[ Di ]
Don't spill it!
Morgan-less Competitors Enter into the Spirit
[ Porche ]
Come on Herbie!
[ Jag ]
Now that's something you don't see every day! Marshals had to widen the start line so this S-Type Jaguar could get through.

Final Destination

Competitors finished with a series of games and a BBQ. Despite the best efforts of certain well-known individuals, there was some food left over (including puddings!)
[ parking ]

[ blocks ]
Anne being very safety concious when playing the giant block stacking game!


[ Millrace ]
Bringing up the rear were "Millrace", seen here collecting the booby prizes from Simon.
[ Tillywilly ]
Overall winners were Tillywilly, pictured above receiving their ShropMog winners medals and prizes in the form of ShropMog wine (Vin Rouge from the Premiere Centre!).

Many thanks to everyone who came along and made this such an enjoyable event. A special thanks should also go to the organisers, the army of helpers, and the marshals, who made the event possible.

... now what can we do for next year's event?

Thanks to Graham for supplying some of these pictures.
[ wine ]
ShropMog wine!