ShropMog Event 2003

The 2003 ShropMog event took place on Sunday 6th July. Teams of two cars participated in a navigation style treasure hunt, each car completing half of the route. This involved a lot of route planning and it went very quiet as the teams' grey matter was put in to action!

After the navigation run, a buffet lunch was served in the ShropMog Heritage Centre. This was followed by a blindfold driving test and a memory challenging "pin the name on the pub" quiz, all counting to the overall team score.

A knock-out Morgan racing competition was held as an extra event, where competitors had to wind-in model cars, across the floor with sometimes amazing finger dexterity!
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The finishing touches were completed the day before the event. Needless to say the wine was flowing and the organisers' final task was to name the gnomes.
[ gnomes ]
[ gnomes ]
Can you spot the organisers from the gnomes?

One car from each team was tasked to deliver a gnome to a house, on their route. The house belonged to Jayne's brother and he did not know anything about this!
[ Buffet ]
The buffet was laid out ready for the hungry competitors. Watch out for the "egg and onion" sandwiches, slipped on to one of the plates - picnic roulette!
[ feeding time ]
Competitors devour the buffet!

Morgan Racing in the Heritage Centre

Four Morgans are raced along the course by the competitor winding string around a spindle. The competition was a knock out, firstly each of the teams competed to find a champion. Then these went through to the semi-finals and the grand final was between the winners of each semi.
[ race ] [ race ]
[ race ]
All sorts of tricks were tried!
[ race ] [ race ]

The eventual winner was Keith, rewarded with a bottle of wine but carrying the legacy of finger strain!

There was no trouth in the rumour that Jayne and Simon included this game to get the floor polished by the competitors!

Car Park

[ Morgans ]
Morgans and Lotus parked up (and a concrete mixer!).

Blindfold Driving

The driver is blindfolded. The passanger fills a bucket with water and gets into the car. The bucket has a hole in the bottom. The passanger has to instruct the driver to go around a marker and into a garage. Then to reverse back to the start position. The remaining contents of the bucket (if any!) are then measured to determine the score.
[ Sally and Bill ]
Sally and Bill
[ Pat and Bob ]
It was good to see old friends Pat and Bob.

[ Graham ]
Nice try!

[ Bob and Graham ]
Bob and Graham in the Aero

[ Di and Maurice ]
Di and Maurice

[ Malcolm and Graham ]
Where am I?
We all thought that Inspector Gadget and his telescopic arms were pure fantasy. Not so. Malcolm put the bucket on the floor to get into the car. Graham heard the door shut and started to drive. I don't know how but Malcolm managed to reach back and pick up the bucket!

[ Vera and Keith ]
There was no prize for the greatest distance covered in the test. Keith and Vera would have easily won if there was!

[ Janet and Eileen ]
Janet and Eileen in action.

[ Melanie and John ]
Melanie and John. This was the first time Melanie had driven a Morgan - and to do it blindfolded!

[ measuring ]
Best of the day - 6 points!

[ Val and Keith ]
Val and Keith

[ sit down! ]
Keith using an elevated position.


[ marking ]
Competitors helped score the team sheets.


[ winners ]
Representatives from the winning team (Pauline and David, Sheila and Peter) receive their prizes - ShropMog coasters and a bottle of wine - from the organisers.

Many thanks to everyone who came along and made this such an enjoyable event. A special thanks to Graham, Graham and Kevin for providing some of the photographs used on this page.

... now what can we do for next year's event?