Camping and VSCC Hillclimb 2010

ShropMog went camping, cycling and then on to the VSCC Hillclimb at Shelsley Walsh 4th July 2010. This is a fantastic event with excellent access, atmosphere, noise and smells.

[ Campsite ]
BBQ on the go, champagne, wine and beer flowing.

[ Warmer ]
Lindsay invents a new way to keep warm as the sun goes down.

[ Shelsley ]
ShropMoggers on the car park at Shelsley.

[ Paddock ]
Competitors line up in the paddock.

[ Paddock ]
Wonderful machines in the paddock garages.

[ Top S ]
A competitor on the hill.

[ People ]
We spotted some MSCC Staffordshire spectators. Can you see Ray and Malcolm? Who's the man asleep in his chair?

[ BMW ]
BMW 328 at the Esses. Notice how steep the hill is.

[ Paddock ]
Excellent spectator access as competitors line up for runs.

[ Start ]
Approaching the start.

[ Warming ]
Warming the tyres.

[ Off!!!]
What happens when a 24-litre Napier Bentley puts the power down at the start of his run !!!