Wine Carrying Competition

Wine is always popular with ShropMoggers. As it is considerably cheaper in mainland Europe, it usually forms part of the shopping list when touring abroad.

[ Stash! ]

The bulk transportation challenge started back in 1996, when Jayne and Simon returned from a 16 day continental tour, complete with luggage and 67 bottles of wine in a 4/4 2-seater.

Kevin and Lindsay recently returned from France with evidence of a considerable bulk purchase, although other centre members are yet to witness or sample the produce! [ Wine! ]

[ Wine Rack ! ] Never mind the special luggage racks available for your Morgan, this is the only rack you need - a WINE RACK !!!
Ideally suited for ShropMoggers, with just enough capacity to keep us in booze for a whole weekend! The one pictured here is fitted to Lindsay and Kevin's plus 8 - the rest of us are waiting to sample the contents.