Goodwood Track Day - 10th and 11th August 2007

Mog 007 included a two track days on the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit.

Originally a perimiter track arond the airbase, it was first used as a motor circuit in 1948. Uniquely, its original layout has been retained since then. It was used as a competition venue until 1966, hosting the British Grand Prix in the 50s and 60s. In 1998 it was re-opened as a venue for historic racing. Nowadays the Goodwood Revival weekend event is extremely popular.

With the MSCC Annual Rally at Goodwood, this was the ideal opportunity to include a track day in the events, and what a great idea to have two track days!

[ Gates ]
Photo opportunity arriving early at the main gate.

[ Pits ]
Morgans assembled in the covered pit garages.

[ Sign-on ]
Drivers and passengers sign on, helped by the staff from Brands Hatch Morgans. A driver briefing followed where the emphasis was on safety and the non-competitive nature of track days was emphasised.

[ Pits ]
Cars are made ready. Headlights taped up and all equipment is unloaded.

[ Noise ]
Every car has to pass the noise test. This is 98db, measured at two-thirds maximum revs.

[ Pit Lane ]
Cars are split into 4 groups, according to speed. There is a maximum of 10 cars on the circuit for each session.

[ ShropMog ]
Simon in the ShropMog 4/4 waits in the pit lane. Sessions are 15 minutes duration.

[ Chicane ]
Approaching the Chicane.

[ Chicane ]
Through the famous tyre Chicane.

[ Start ]
Over the Start/Finish line. Instructors were on hand to help with getting the lines and driving technique right.

[ Straight ]
Down the straight.

[ Pit ]
Past the pit exit.

[ Pit Lane ]
The next session are queued up, ready to go.

The weather was dry and sunny and with plenty of track time this was a super track day experience. A MSCC Track Day has to be the safest way of experiencing your own Morgan on a race track. You are with like-minded people who are careful with their cars. The non-competitive nature of these events means that the specialist Morgan insurers will normally extend cover to include the track day at no extra cost - just notify them in advance.

Click the Links below to see the video clips of Morgans in action.
Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2

For a track guide to the Goodwood circuit click here.