Mog 2006 at Mallory Park

Saturday 29th July was the MSCC Track Day, part of the main MOG 2006 event.
After the safety briefing, cars were split into four groups of similar pace, and track time was rotated between them at 15 minute intervals. There were three sessions for each group, in the morning, and the same again in the afternoon. With over 50 track miles available in each half day, this represented excellent value for money.

[ Kirkby Straight ]
[ Gerrards ] ABOVE: Richard at speed on Kirkby Straight. LEFT: Cornering hard on the turn-in to Gerrards. BELOW: Richard approaches Gerrards.

[ Maurice ] [ Richard ]
ABOVE: Maurice at speed on Kirkby Straight. RIGHT: Simon on the approach to Gerrards, in the Green 4/4. [ Simon ]

For a track guide to the Mallory Park circuit click here.

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Some of the ShropMoggers were camping over the weekend. This was at Victoria Farm Camping and Caravan Site. The owners were wonderful hosts and get the official ShropMog 5-star rating.

[ Garage ]
Full luxury on the camp site, Kevin and Lindsay's Plus 8 is garaged!

[ Dive! ]
ShropMog ladies prepare to dive into the swimming pool (bucket to you and me!), ignoring the notice "NO DIVING (or pi**ing)".
[ Washing ]
Campers washing up after breakfast.

Sunday 30th July - Mallory Park
As well as the full race programme of events, there were the usual MSCC Mog attractions.
[ Display ]
Kevin and Maurice's Plus 8s line up in the 70 years of four wheeler Morgan display. Note the "" script on the bonnet.
[ Bob ]
Bob won the 3-wheeler concours and finished third overall.

[ Jayne ]
It was all a bit too much for someone!